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Beyond the Bio

February 07, 2024

Keri is the Director of Operations at MSA Financial, having joined the firm in 2016.  Keri wears many hats at MSA and is responsible for accounting, human resources, technology, and project management to name just a few of her roles.  Everyone at the firm can agree, there is no problem that Keri cannot find a solution to!  Let’s go Beyond the Bio with Keri:


Cats or Dogs? Dogs. I have owned cats but dogs are my true love, especially my golden retriever, Ollie.

Summer or Winter? Summer, I love the beach!

Very first job held and/or most memorable job: waitress at the Marshfield country club for 4 summers.

Furthest from home ever traveled: Prague, Czech Republic.  I was there on 9/11, that was quite an experience to see the reaction from people in a country so many miles away.

Something you collect: I collect coffee mugs from places I’ve traveled to, when I am having my morning coffee I think back on the trip and wish I was there!

Alma mater? Providence College, Go Friars!