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18 Jan
EDUCATIONAL EVENT - Cybersecurity Awareness


Cyber fraud and identity theft are topics that we see constantly headlined in the news these days.  Being vigilant to protect your family, home and wealth are paramount as many areas of our lives are increasingly conducted online. Join us with guest speaker Gary Rossi, Vice President, Practice Management & Consulting, Head of Cyber Fraud & Personal Security Insights Program at Fidelity Investments who will walk through some trends Fidelity has seen as well as provide strategies on how to better protect yourself, including:

  • Making Yourself a Difficult Target for Cybercriminals
  • Your Digital Footprint - Understand and Protect It
  • Protecting Loved Ones from Elder Scam
  • Keeping Your Home Secure
  • Properly Vet People with Access 
  • Travel Safely

Date and Time

Thu, Jan 18, 2024

4:15p - 5:00p EST




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