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Community Involvement

At MSA, we know that we are nothing without our community of clients. That is why we are committed to giving back via education, charity, and industry initiatives.

South Shore Chamber of Commerce

MSA Financial is a proud member of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. For over 115 years, the South Shore Chamber has been an organization that advocates for business across the South Shore region of 25 communities. Their mission is to create a stronger South Shore through economic growth. They advocate for a vibrant business climate, help members succeed, and support our local communities thrive.

Financial Services Institute (FSI)

Paul Marino and Rick Stram are actively involved in the Financial Services Institute (FSI). This organization focuses on best practices and standards within the Financial Industry. In 2012, Paul and Rick went to Washington, D.C. on behalf of FSI to visit Senators and members of Congress to lobby for better oversight of financial advisors. They focused attention on the dangers to investors caused by lagging audits of financial firms and advocated for possible solutions.

Rosie’s Place / Pine Street Inn

Since 2008, the team at MS&A has proudly sponsored and served meals to Rosie’s Place and Pine Street Inn guests during the Thanksgiving and Holiday seasons.

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