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Investment Approach

The MSA investment team is comprised of 7 financial advisors with an average tenure of over 20 years. The team follows a proven, disciplined investment process to construct, track, and fine-tune portfolios.


Our process begins with thousands of potential investments. We use advanced research tools to choose the best-of-breed options in each asset class.


We use MSA’s custom framework to build portfolios at targeted risk levels; then, we fine-tune each option to ensure it’s properly constructed and balanced to meet our clients’ risk and return objectives.


The MSA investment team reviews the portfolios and uses third-party risk analysis software to ensure the allocations are positioned to excel in the current market environment.


Timely research and analysis help us validate portfolios’ structure monthly. The members of our investment team meet annually with the underlying investment company representatives to ensure consistency and continuity within the portfolios.


Every quarter, we use sophisticated software to ensure that the holdings in each portfolio are still the best-of-breed options in their asset classes. Twice a year, we benchmark MSA portfolios against a wide range of investment providers to see how we perform relative to our peers.


Our investment team meets at least quarterly to review all of our portfolios and make any necessary adjustments.

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