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Couples & Families

Building a shared vision of money management and wealth accumulation for better financial-decision making.

If you are married or in a partnered relationship, we’ll always ask that your significant other be involved in the planning. We know from experience that two people can look at their finances, investments and ultimate retirement very differently.

It’s important that couples discuss their hopes and dreams for the future and understand how each partner tolerates financial risk. With a shared vision, financial decisions are easier to make and keep. This planning can lead to a healthier, happier situation for the couple in their current life stage through and into retirement.

Here’s a recent article by Michelle Singletary, a finance writer at the Washington Post, called “Steering couples toward financial intimacy.” It talks about the deeply entrenched feelings some people have about money and how being open about financial wants, needs and expectations is healthy.

For families, responsibility increases with children and aging parents and your financial needs evolve and can include insurance, college saving and retirement – all at the same time. Our focus is on financial planning and investment management for your financial security. Using a long term perspective, we help you develop a plan to balance your family’s short and long-term financial goals.

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