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Verizon Employees

We know the Verizon retirement process.

We work with senior executives, managers and associates to make confident investment and retirement decisions. With two decades of experience working with Verizon, we understand the organization and culture. Our knowledge of their benefit plans is deep.

  • 401(k) plan – investment choices, in-service rollovers
  • Pensions
  • Force reduction plans – RIF and IPP
  • Executive Deferred Compensation planning (LTI, EDP, IDP)

When it’s time to think seriously about retiring from Verizon, understanding all the options and making good choices can feel overwhelming. We are ready to offer the guidance you need at this important stage in your career.

Access the Verizon Benefits Center and Fidelity for information and helpful resources.

Verizon Benefits Center

For 401(k) Savings Plan

Pension Plan Interest Rates

Neither MSA Financial nor Securities America Inc. is retained by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Verizon Communications.

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