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Comprehensive financial planning and asset management for individuals, families and business owners.

We provide our clients with personal attention, customized planning and sound financial guidance.

Our clients include individuals and families from many walks of life. About 50% are actively retired and the other 50% are 40 – 65 years old.

They all share a common goal – to achieve a secure financial future and retire with enough income to do what they want to do in retirement – spend quality time with friends and family, travel, play golf and participate in other hobbies and activities. Some come with many assets, others are in the process of building their portfolio. We are pleased to serve them all.

We also work with business owners. As business owners ourselves, we know it is challenging to think about savings strategies and retirement planning when you are running your business. We can help. There are many investment strategies that can help put more money in an owner’s pocket and reduce the tax burden. Rewarding and retaining employees with a savings or profit sharing plan is another way to add value to the business.


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Couples & Families

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Business Owners

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Services for Retirees

We offer retirees a second opinion on their financial portfolio. Whether you’re a recent retiree or been retired for years, it’s important to feel positive and secure about your financial portfolio.

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Services for Verizon Employees

With two decades of experience working with Verizon, we work with senior executives, managers and associates to make confident investment and retirement decisions.

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